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Plan and conduct web-based experiments as part of your psychology class or academic research. Use one of the 35+ pre-packaged test paradigms to quickly configure your own web experiment or take advantage of our scripting language to define your own experiment. The subscription allows you to use all our experiment management services like enrolling subjects, designing experiment schedule, email invitations, and online data collection. It includes a multi-user license to have multiple staff members or students work on multiple experiments.

* Limited to 100 subjects per experiment. Please contact for license conditions to support larger student populations or campus licenses.

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Psychometric Test Batteries for Clinical Research

Tailored Solutions for Lab, Field, and Home Testing

We offer a large number of state-of-the-art cognitive tests and VAS scales that we assemble to psychometric test batteries tailored to your clinical trial. Our infrastructure supports single lab or multi-center studies as well as testing subjects at home or in the field on PC/Mac or tablets. We host all test batteries on a private cloud instance dedicated and audited exclusively for you.

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