Patient Testing

With the Cognition Lab cloud platform you get an on-demand service for explorative testing and monitoring of your patients. Complement your diagnostics and therapeutic efforts as needed with state-of-the-art cognitive test paradigms. With no hassle and no installation, you can select and start any tests right from within the Internet Browser. Test data are managed for you in the cloud and you can create PDF case reports or download raw data any time you want.

Cognitive Profiling

Lately, research gives us more insights into cognitive deficits correlated with clinical symptoms. The Cognition Lab test library gives you a flexible and evolving toolset for explorative testing. You can fill the gap between established clinical tools on one side and modern neuropsychological research on the other side by leveraging the test applications included in the Cognition Lab. Many of these tests focus on one specific cognitive function and use task paradigms that are well documented in literature. By extending your test suite beyond standardized test applications you can gain valuable information about the cognitive deficits of your patients and develop your own test battery.

Performance Monitoring

To monitor the cognitive performance of patients, compare the test scores from one test over time to understand trends and discover outliers.

Mobile Testing

Cognition Lab revolutionize the way you test cognitive performance. By being a web service, you are not limited anymore to one stationary computer. You can use touchpads, laptops, netbooks, or any computer which comes with a modern web browser. If IT-budget is short, use your personally-owned or even patient owned device. You can schedule tests via email for patients that are in home.