Library: Executive Function

Cognitive Paradigms Related To Executive Functions

Toh Trans

Tower of Hanoi

Study the ability to solve a mathematical puzzle

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Flanker Task

study the impact of congruent and incongruent flanker stimuli on processing speed of choice reaction tasks

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Hidden Path Learning

Test ability to learn and remember a hidden pathway

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Attentional Network Task

Study the benefit of visual and auditory cues on the speed of processing visual information

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Unstable Tracking

Use compensatory tracking to measure mental stress and impact of secondary task on performance

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Stop-Signal Task

Study the ability to suppress responses when a stop signal interrupts the primary task

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Card Sorting Test

Measure the fexibility of shifting rules on how to sort cards into different piles

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Serial Reaction Time Task

Study the ability to reproduce spatial sequences

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Task Switching

´╗┐Study the effect of blocked vs. mixed instructions on your response time

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