Clinical Trials

BeriSoft Cooperation builds on 20 years of experience of supporting phase-I clinical trials with robust psychometric test batteries. With the new Cognition Lab platform, cognitive testing can now be integrated into a clinical study in a much more flexible way and at lower costs. The Cognition Lab test infrastucture has minimal requirements on computer hardware and operating systems making it possible to use cost-effective laptops or or touchpads as test stations.

Design of Battery

The Cognition Lab Test Library gives you access to a large number of proven cognitive tasks that can be composed into a test battery serving the specific objectives or a study. No matter if safety, standard cognitive functions, or more explorative tesing in phase-I is the objective, test batteries can be tailored in time and focus. Please ask for custom development in case you are interested in a specific test paradigm which you don’t find in our library.

Test Deployment

Practices in cognitive testing tend to change from a more research-oriented toolset to a more patient-focused diagnostic test portfolio. This large spectrum makes it difficult to develop a consistent approaches and test model across all clinical phases. With the Cognition Lab cloud platform, you can easily deploy the same tests across all clinical phases since the platform supports single or multi-center studies as well as remote testing. Onboarding and off-boarding clinics and practitioners is a matter of one click. Subject enrolment and session schedules are managed centrally in the web and central access-control ensures that only trained lab personal has access.

Data Management

The web and secure internet protocol standards have been matured to not only fullfill the strict CFR part11 compliance but make it actually easier to manage data in a secure and tracable way. The Cognition Lab cloud platform does not persist data locally on the test station but consolidates all session results in the cloud making it easy to monitor and detect performance outlier. Please contact if you are interested in deeper integration into your lab infrastructure and biometric services.