Classroom Teaching

Complement your teaching with hands-on exercises. Choose from a large variety of experimental paradigms to teach students foundations of experimental psychology and methods. Pictures are worth more than thousand words – by being exposed to the experimental task itself, students will much better understand the underlying cognitive concepts.

Use the Cognition Lab cloud platform to setup classrooms and schedule experiments. There are no disks or student licenses involved, simply purchase a Cognition Lab subscription and you are ready to go.

Enroll Students

Setting up a class or a list of potential subjects is as easy as maintaining a distribution list. Simply list your student’s email addresses to enrol them into your account as participants. Having students listed as potential subjects allows you to invite them to experiments later on during your teaching.

Schedule Experiments

When planning to engage students in performing an experiment, you select a cognitive paradigm out of the Cognition Lab experiment library and assign students as participants. When done, simply click on “Invite Subjects” to send invitations out to the students. The students will receive their individual URL to run the experiment, view results, and download their data. No individual student licenses are required. Run the experiments on any device that supports HTML5 Web Browser including privately owned devices used at home. Because experiments are deployed via web and data are uploaded to your online account, any test station must be online during the experiment.

Share Results

While subjects perform their sessions, you can monitor progress and completion of a scheduled experiment online. Once the data are complete, you can view and present descriptive statistics per student or across all subjects.

Contribute to the Content

Tell us your favourite experiment or missing references to classic or contemporary experimental paradigms. Our goal is to expand and optimize the inventory of test paradigms to become a must-have companion for any cognitive psychology class.