Move Your Lab
to the Web!

Simplify your lab infrastructure and standardize on a cloud platform that is built for the future. Manage your experiments in the cloud, invite and recruit your subjects via web, and run your tests in the web browser on PC, Mac, tablet, or mobile without plug-ins or installation of run-time engine.

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Browse Cognition Library

More than 35 Cognitive Paradigms!


Hands-on Exercises

Take advantage of ready-to-use experimental paradigms to teach cognitive concepts. Configure and deploy experiments via web. Invite students via email and leverage social networks to recruit subjects. Have immediate access to all results across subjects.

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Patient Training
and Monitoring

Stay in touch with your out-patients and prescribe regular training sessions which can be performed at home. Send email reminders to perform tests and remotely monitor the performance of your patients.

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Clinical Trials

Test Batteries

Assemble tailored batteries to measure cognitive performance metrics according to your study objectives. Manage all sessions in a private secure cloud instance and have results available in real-time.

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Northeastern UniversityThe use of ERTSLab has enhanced our Human-Machine Systems course in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering; in fact, it has been pivotal to meeting our primary course objective of using experimental data as a source of information about human performance characteristics

Designed for the Web

Manage your experiments and data in the cloud. All cognitive tests are browser-based HTML5/JavaScript applications and run on desktop, tablet, or smartphone without installation

Configurable Tests

Adjust each test paradigm to your objectives by configuring independent variables and blocks structure. Define sessions schedule with one or multiple tests per sessions.

Central Data Handling

Monitor progress of sessions and store data centrally under your account. View descriptive statistics online or download raw data for further processing.